Embiid tried to toss James out of the game but failed

Big fight in Philadelphia with some failed statements by Embiid, who tried to dunk on Lebron but got hims a flagrant foul 1 and couldn’t resist to complaining for this play.

“That’s a very dangerous play,” Embiid said. “I guarantee if that was me I would have probably been ejected from the game.”

Harris made a jumper with three seconds on the clock and 76ers evaded with the victory 107–106 at home on Wednesday night.

James had 34-point performance along with six rebounds and assists, Anthony Davis added 23 points and eight rebounds but 76ers managed to hand them their first loss away breaking their record 10–0.

Joel Embiid had 28 points and six rebounds, Tobias Harris added 24 points and seven rebounds and 76ers have won four of their last five games (3 of them at home).

Flagrant Foul for James who pushed Embiid while in the air