Should Nets actually trade for James Harden?

According to reports, Kevin Durant wants to play again with James Harden, but Kyrie Irving has his misgivings. That’s probably because Harden after getting a max contract, there are two years on this deal and if he signs with the Brooklyn Nets, then he will stay there until his contract expires.

Harden is the type of player that needs the ball on his hands all the time so he can be successful and that’s probably the issue that Irving has. Irving has been waiting for so long to finally play next to his close friend Kevin Durant. He couldn’t do it during the previous season because Durant was still recovering, but this season should be what Irving and Durant had planned a long time ago — to play alongside each other.

Harden’s trade request has fazed Irving’s plan, but from the other side, Durant sees it as an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. He wants to play next to another dominant player and get this experience. In a previous statement when was asked about his time with the Oklahoma City Thunder, he had said that he didn’t get to play next to other equally skilful players and here it is. Harden wants out and it’s easy to believe that Durant rushed to recruit his former teammate to join the Nets.

Of course, Durant has played next to other top-class players in the past, such as Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, during his time with the Golden State Warriors and won two NBA titles and Finals MVPs back to back.

This Hall of Fame trio broke up during the summer of 2018, but now there is a chance that another trio of superstars could be shaped this offseason.

It looks like the negotiations have already started but Rockets seem to ask for so much in return, and rightfully so:

According to Tim MacMahon of ESPN, the Rockets are demanding an especially steep return for Harden: a proven, young star as a centrepiece along with a massive picks package. Houston does not feel obligated to deliver Harden to the Brooklyn Nets, his preferred destination, sources said.

In a different report, what was revealed is that potential names such as Spencer Dinwiddie, Caris Levert, Taurean Prince and center Jarrett Allen are the ones who could be sent to Houston in exchange for Harden, but at least to me, this deal looks extremely risky because they will give away a reserve point guard on Dinwiddie, a very improved all-around player on Levert, rim protection expert (which is a MUST-HAVE for every team) Allen and another versatile player on Prince for one of the best scorers of all-time who has a huge contract under his belt, but you know, the question is what if it doesn’t work? Nets will get stuck with Harden and whatever problems will ensue due to frustration, anger (if he demands the ball all the time).

Is it the right deal? Does it worth it?

I guess that every general manager would say yes, but I, as a sports journalist, I would say that signing a 31-year old ball-dominant shooting guard who is the real deal, yes it sounds luring but if you are the Nets, you have to consider the possibility that Irving could get frustrated with his role on the team and then others issues might come in the surface. Is Irving willing to be the third option on this team? I don’t think so. Remember that he left from Cleveland a couple of years ago because he wanted to be the number one option on a team, but the presence of Lebron James didn’t allow him to be in this position, so why would he want to take part in this scenario? This is the top question.

With a final average of 34.3 points per game, Houston Rockets star James Harden finished the 2019–20 NBA regular season as the league’s leading scorer for a third consecutive campaign. He’s just the fourth player since the NBA/ABA merger in 1976 to win a scoring title in three straight years, joining Kevin Durant, Michael Jordan, and George Gervin.

It’s not a debate that he is one of the best scorers to ever play the game, but if Irving and Harden put their egos in front and make some noise in the locker room? I know that we can talk about all the ‘’what if’ scenarios, but when you put three superstars on a team, you have to make sure that you are heading to the same direction and everything is well-clarified.

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